“How to overcome fear” 


Fear is a lack of control, when you are not being present.
When you are being in the past, you are able to experience what is being in denial.
Your lack of presence becomes your problem.
You dissipate yourself, and in your mind you recreate the past experience again, and you can’t see the full movie.


You are taking the steps for overcoming fear:

These steps involve you prioritising yourself, and prioritising love. This is how fear dissolves.

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How do you bring love to scary things? How do you love what makes you fearful?

By realising that nothing can make you fearful. Only your mind does. Fear is in the mind.
You believe in the end of what isn’t here. The end of what isn’t here is the past. The end of the past is not real because what was real, now is the same with you in presence. If you experienced before what was real and now you experience the end of that thing you are experiencing another perspective of the same thing.
You are observing things changing. Change is necessary in your life. You experience time through change. You move with time. This allows you to be present, so you stop.

When you stop you have awareness, awareness of life. With awareness there is no fear because there is nothing that is not LOVE.


Love is real. Love is here. Here you release fear because you are real.



FYP week 7

How to overcome fear


When you are afraid of something, whatever is the case that is making you afraid of… Acknowledge that you are afraid and realise that there is something that is not true and you are being out of alignment. Because when you are in alignment you don’t fear anything, because you feel safe inside, you know that you are on your power, and that you overcome any obstacle in your life, because you are guided, and you are supported, and you are being yourself, so you trust that. The problem is that when you are afraid of something, is because you collapse, and you are not seeing the full picture.
What do I mean with the full picture? I mean that you are not following the flow, that you are stuck and that you cannot see the full river for example. Imagine that you are in a river, you get stuck and have no idea what is going on. But when you see it from a higher perspective, you can see that there are more exits, and there are other ways to flow instead of forcing yourself in a difficult way such as going against the flow, so… What do I mean by this? That this is the same as when you are in fear, you are stuck and you don’t see everything / what is going on, that you are not living your potential, and you are not in your power.

You can not force your power to come, you cannot force your potential to appear, but instead, you can let go.

Let go is surrender, is like relax:





How do you see yourself now?

How can you move on from now?

What is supporting you that depends only on you and your connection with your point?

How this support make you feel?

This week I encourage you to take the steps to overcome fear in your daily life.
Now you know the steps, and apply them in your mind, following your heart. You know that you are connected to your point and to everything at the same time, so there is no point to be afraid. You attract what you resonate with. Feel well knowing that you have the power to be yourself.