how to create good luck


How do you become lucky

Well if you are not lucky already it might be difficult that you become lucky. Lucky is a matter of perception, being lucky is being tune in positive experiences, being happy. If you are not happy already there is a chance that you cannot be happy because at some time you must change your perception but now you can do it if you allow yourself to listen this information with synchronising in your best experiences. What you are seeing right now is a small percentage of everything of what there is, if what you are seeing is lack of opportunities that are negative and you are not seeing the full experience you are not seeing truth, you are seeing a distorted reality.

This is how you create good luck in your life, when you allow positive experiences in your life.

Allowing is opening to everything.

When you open yourself to everything you know that there is more to see and you don’t let your mind block the way with beliefs or conditions that are not supporting you, you thought that those conditions were helping you but you realise that there is more to see and that you are more than what you thought. This is when you know that there is something more waiting for you to be acknowledged.

Resting your mind is very important, and doing it often, so you don’t overload with thoughts that aren’t supportive. Because thoughts are coming from everywhere, not just you, but everywhere. If you don’t create boundaries in your mind, boundaries where you understand what is your mind and what is others peoples minds, you get confused and this is blocking truth. When you set up boundaries in your mind you understand what comes from you and what comes from others and truth is everywhere, not just in you but in everyone.
Each person experiences truth.

Each person understands its own way.

There is no point to fight.

There is no point to argue.

There is no point to blame.

The point is to be light.

Being light is being one with everything.



(Drawing a point, a circle, typing: Being Lucky is Being Connected to Everything. Everything brings you luck. Everything is One.)



When you resonate at a higher frequency, when you emit positive feelings, when you think positive thoughts, you attract positive experiences.

Doing this is easy, letting go of the identity that you play in your life.

The identity is your past as we understood how identity blocks your being in week 1 or 2?.

When you identify yourself with the one, you expand and you become lucky.

We can do this every time is needed.

When you need good luck open yourself to the source of light that keeps you alive, this means being grateful for being here, being happy for being connected with light.

These sparkles appear in your heart making you create good luck.

When you create good luck you are in alignment with everyone.

This is going to bring good luck to you being aligned with everyone having positive feelings about everyone. This might be tricky if you are experiencing discomfort with certain people.

When you are not in your power you allow other people determine your experience.

If you condition yourself to be how others expect you to be you are not living your purpose and you are not creating good luck.

Freedom is needed to understand everyone, to understand how to create good luck. Freedom is when you are aligned with everything. Freedom is your power to choose, you choose what you want because you are free, you adapt to the circumstances when you are free.

This is very important. Your circumstances allow you to choose and this choice is your freedom.

Feeling free is a choice, this is your gift, take this for what you need and use it to be free.

People are free the same as you are, respect this.



How do you become free with good luck


Good luck is when you are aligned to everything, when you are happy, when you are light. Light is freedom, freedom gives you choice, good luck is a choice, if you want to experience positive things in your life you know how to change your mind, how to acknowledge truth and do this anytime.