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These are the products I use and I would like you to know about them and benefit too.
Enjoy them as much as I do!

Raquel Rios

We all use cosmetics. We are embodying someone’s brand. Our skin speaks. Our appearance says about us how we feel inside, and how we treat our bodies.

Makeup is not the solution. You don’t need to hide when your skin is healthy from the inside. Our appearance is a reflection of how we feel. Feeling beauty is a choice, and health is the result of a good balance.
This is a principle of all of us.

In this video, we talk about healing through beauty. I introduce you to my friend Carina, she created KAAV Cosmetics from her passion to share her own unique way of sharing healing to the planet and humankind through beauty and spirituality.



Use this gel before applying cream. It absorbs quick and heals the skin!
How? It facilitates cellular communication with its redox signaling molecules. It helps restore your skin. I use it in cuts and scars and they vanish fast. Also, it improved elasticity in my face. Contact me to try it or for more details!



These vitamins and minerals are made from organic sources. I am vegan and cautious about supplements. These ones have top quality and they are absorbed as natural sources.
All my clients enjoy a discount!