Raquel is who I go to when I need to see that which is impossible to see for myself. When I know that I need eyes that can see into the level of the divine. She guides my souls home and allows all aspects of my life to be called into alignment. When I have a session with Raquel it’s as if I have had a cosmic bath. She speaks to the truth and cuts through the emotional noise into the depths of the root cause of any issue I am experiencing.
Her work allows you to claim your life fully by taking full responsibility for it. She brings you back into your life force energy and empowers you to radical levels of self-acceptance.
Her healing is gentle and yet direct to the point of your pain story. This for me is the most powerful way to shift from victim to creator of your own destiny. I recommended to all my friends and encourage you to experience her work for yourself. It is the best investment I ever made.
— Skyla Grayce, London.
I had never heard about life alignment until I met Raquel. I have had a couple of sessions with her and I can say it is a great technique, relieving blockages and making space for the new. She helps to lift blocks on so many levels and assisted me in living a more balanced life. I felt more space, grounding and clarity after her sessions. The most important thing is Raquel, she has a talent for this work and a deep intuition. She is a very humble, down to earth person with a lot of compassion and understanding, making me feel comfortable, safe and truly understood. I fully recommend Life Alignment with Raquel. Thank you for all that you do and are.
— Marjolein K, Netherlands.
Raquel is an amazing life alignment practitioner and human being who is passionate about guiding people in the process of realising their potential and living a magical reality of harmony from within – I will totally recommend her profound life alignment sessions.
— Daniela Oliveros, Venezuela.
Thank you Raquel. That was truly magical and transformative. I feel so much lighter as a result.
— Lauren Harris, London.
Working with Raquel is like a one track ticket to a more successful, fulfilling and happy life. Even our first healing together was deep and profound. I often find we work with problems and blocks in my mind that I have a blind spot to. I find even more often that we naturally work on things that are happening in my life even if I do not tell her before the healing. Raquel is always humbling yet gentle and it is a joy to work with her. She has helped me in my life so much, I always feel more aligned, more connected to myself and more connected to source.
— Lottie Finklaire, London.
A few days ago I went to visit Raquel Rios to talk about the possibility of Raquel doing a workshop or speaking session at Gathering of Minds. Two people had recommended Raquel and her services to me so I was looking forward to meeting her.
Raquel is Psychic…
…I highly recommend this, even if you are just curious and don’t necessarily have any injuries etc, Raquel can tell you what is going on internally.
— Jess L., London.
I had several sessions with Raquel, she helped me with many aspects of my life. She helped me with my business and I started attracting new partnerships and my results improved. She also helped me to remove negative thinking patterns and a lot more. I’m very grateful for all she has done.

Thank you Raquel.
— Mike S., London.
The best advert for Raquel’s services is Raquel herself. She has a joy and a wisdom that make you wonder how you can have those things yourself.
— R.C. London.
I have had a few sessions with Raquel, she has helped me in a way that I would never reach by myself, she is a great practitioner full of love, compassion and understanding, thank you Raquel and I wish you the best for yourself.
— Carina Viegas, Luanda, Angola
I first met Raquel through a friend. It was a time in my life where everything was not going right, nothing was clicking – everything wasn’t going my way. I’d blame everyone around me, and not look at myself for the answers I wanted.
Then Raquel came into my life, we talked – she explained, she made me understand – she taught me a lot about myself, healed me from the inside out. I know its cliche to say but she honestly changed – my – life!
We love you Raquel, your an amazing spirit.
— Hatice Gunay, London.
It has been the best experience ever, big impact, it helps me trusting on my values, and helped me to exercise and use my gifts. Since then a lot of information has come to me without looking for it. From other past lives details which are related to some dreams I had before and after your reading, to having dreams full of color and feeling them real.
— Arlene Sanchez, Panama.
Raquel is one of those magical people that appear in your life exactly at the time when you are ready to meet them. She is a true shining light. Genuine, generous, compassionate and extremely talented. She was born to do this. Life Alignment sessions are for everyone and if it came into your field of vision, it means you are ready.
— Gedvile Grace Bunikyte, Vienna.
Raquel’s session was relieving and relaxing and put me at ease without feeling anxious when expressing.
Her gift to make you feel comfortable and guide intuitively to help alignment from within is sincere and vibrationally high.
— Shashi, London.
About Raquel,
Her not judging attitude and generosity of heart, her sensitivity and energetic power, make her a wonderful healer.
But first of all, she is a magic [human] being and I feel so grateful towards life to have allowed our encounter.
I wish you to have the same chance it has been given to me.
— Signa Schiavo-Campo, Italy.
For one whole year before I attended your group session, I did not leave my house for more than 40 days, I went to the doctors on a couple of occasions and they told me to go out and meet new people and that is the reason I attended the group that day. Since that day (lol just popped into my head that it was about “stop procrastinating”) :D I’ve just been doing stuff. I just wanted to say you should promote you because you have actually helped me to help myself.
— E. Henry, London.
Hello Raquel,
thank you so much it was a pleasure speaking with you, I learned so much during the session especially because I could feel that emotion from my past life still affecting my current one and how much of it I was continuously repeating in my daily life. During the session, there was a moment when I actually felt this emotion was being removed and transformed into acceptance and surrender.
I feel truly honoured to have worked with you today and very thankful for the shift I felt as I am sure tomorrow I will wake up as a new person.
Many thanks again.
— Jennifer S. U.S.
Hello Raquel,
I feel so much more revitalised and I have more of a ‘let go’ type of attitude, it’s almost as if nothing bothers me that much.
You are a very gifted natural healer and makes things so easy to process, which is very important because at times people receive some information and they either don’t identify with that or they feel they have to face something about themselves which they might not necessarily want to do just yet. Somehow you manage to take all of that away…
— Eliana B. London.
I knew nothing about life alignment and was at first quite cautious about undergoing the therapy but Raquel has a unique ability to help one feel at ease and let go of tension and anxiety. She is a wonderful practitioner and an even more amazing human being and in a world where stress and fear have become a daily reality she has helped me see through the constructs and illusions of the mind. I cannot recommend her services enough.
— Luke C., London.
I had several Life Alignment sessions with Raquel and for me, it is still the best cure I ever received. I felt an energetic relief after the first session on a physical level and I began to be conscious about my blockages but the best was yet to come. Only after some months, I found myself completely changed in a way that to me meant: clarity and awareness. Raquel is one of the most honest and fascinating people I know and she has an emotional insight that always guides the practice in the most beneficial way. Life Alignment should be for each individual like a watching in the mirror moment that we all do but never deep inside ourselves. Even one session is indeed life changing.
— Silvia


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