This technique is evolved from Raquel's unique, downloaded method © Find Your Point.
This process of self-understanding to create the life you really desire.

Raquel uses Find Your Point in private and group sessions, talks and now is available in an Online Course.

 Find Your Point method helps you to:

  • Get clarity to be in your purpose

  • Discover gifts within yourself

  • Make decisions

  • Use your potential

  • Understand for overcoming limitations

  • Acknowledge your intuition

  • Adapt this way of knowing without asking the previous way of thinking

  • Be the master of your life



Everything you feel, think and do is being determined by your point.
Everything around you, your life (work, career, relationships…) is being determined by your point.
What’s going on with your point?
This point is you.
Your inner self.

What is your point missing?
A bit of attention.
Attention from you.

If you listen to your self, your needs, your wishes, your truth, you get information from you, you find your point.

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Find Your Point through guided meditation:

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Follow the flow: