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Find Your Purpose Retreat

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Find Your Purpose is a retreat where you find the guidance and fulfilment to live your purpose.

Facilitated by Angelika and Raquel:

Angelika Anagnostou works extensively with groups and individuals to enhance wellbeing and build a healthy, conscious way of living both personally and professionally. Currently using Yoga and Life Alignment techniques for optimal mental, emotional and physical health, starting with the individual and extending to families, organisations and professional environment, to create self-awareness and wellbeing life skills.
Together we will look at what defines and what blocks your natural flow and life purpose and use Life Alignment group techniques to open up the way to clarify, guide and live joyfully your Purpose!

Raquel Escobar Ríos works with individuals and groups to find the answers and inspiration using Find Your Point, allowing new wisdom and understanding to solve any issue in life. She adds Supernatural On Purpose in psychic settings, where past lives, contact with spirit guides and ancestors, Akashic Records and psychic awareness enhance people’s natural ability to live their purpose.
Together we will work with healing, meditation, and coaching to potentiate your purpose and allow yourself to take your direction.

Ladrhyn Bexx guides you through a process using sound frequencies to take you on a journey within yourself.
You are gently guided into deeper, more profound states of awareness into the recognition that you are far more than your physical body.

Accommodation and grounding meals included.

This evening focuses on guided meditation and Life Alignment healing as we start exploring together Life Purpose, and what fulfilment means to you.

The morning starts with a soft yoga practice to connect you back into your body and prepare you for the day ahead. The focus in on synchronised breath, movement and holding the poses for grounding and deep healing work.
After breakfast, we use drama therapy to understand better how you embody your life purpose, and how do you present yourself to the world. We use some filming to encourage constructive insight, help you get a better understanding of what you are capable, and see where you are holding yourself back. This brings you back into power of your own life (if you feel being on camera is an issue for you then you are welcome to speak to Raquel to know more or find a way to work with it).
We also work together with Life Alignment healing technique to overcome the blockages and get into a better state by embodying and communicating your truth and life purpose within the world.
After dinner, the evening closes with a sound bath preparing you for deep sleep and integration.

We start the morning with gentle yoga and breakfast, followed by feeling and deepening the understanding of your purpose and soul qualities by using your innate ‘supernatural’ abilities, and finding your truth. This is a deep healing and restoring session, which brings further your skills and how to better utilise them in the world.
Then, a healing and balancing group session integrates and embodies further all that you have discovered and received over the weekend. This helps you bring yourself into your new space of expression with more confidence, clarity, and ease.
Sunday closes with a coaching session with easy steps of how to follow through and take the actions needed to live your purpose in life and the weeks ahead with self-responsibility and grace.

The full weekend retreat cost is £445 per person. If you bring a friend is £415 per person.
If you want extra adds on such as private healing sessions please request your booking here:
You can place your deposit of £130 to reserve your space.

For more information and to reserve your space: