Progressive Wealth


Progressive Wealth

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Wealth does the work by itself by aligning yourself with health. Health is yourself being in alignment, is balance in all senses, including wealth.

Transform your relationship with wealth over 9 months.

Start date: September 9th 2019 
(Private workshops and individual sessions before date on request)

This 9 months Progressive Wealth online program brings you in alignment with your true purpose.

9 months, once monthly, two day weekend. One to one group of participants, in a shared healing. Shifting limited beliefs about wealth, and any issues in life, as everything is connected.

The result is a much clear vision, a new structure in the way you perceive things, more in resonance with your true being.

Living and enjoying life the way you deserve, with lots to share, to communicate and to offer. As you become the giver instead of the receiver. You create wealth.

You become the result of what you are seeking for. Inside.

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