FYP by acting

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FYP by acting


Find Your Point by acting workshop to bring you back into the power of your own life. Using acting exercises in a group setting, all individually recorded as a short film for you to keep as a ‘touchstone’ for your empowering healing journey.

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel lost? Do you feel powerless?

You don’t need to.

Raquel, coach and healer, will work with you to heal the part that is blocking you from moving forward and feeling good. The part that holds you back, the part that can’t get out of the box, the part that doesn’t want to be seen.

Through consultation and healing tools, Raquel is able to see a full picture of you and your present situation. She then creates a fictional scene, a metaphor for your issue you face, and invites you to take the starring role as the main character.

Like an actor, you are able to embody this new characters journey as Raquel directs you to your own healing breakthroughs.

You are then guided to fully embody a new, powerful, dynamic and confident you. A change of costume, a change of attitude and a change of mind.

Your healing journey is filmed and edited into your own personal video, a touchstone for future reference. Watching your own process of healing and transformation is powerful and long-lasting.

Group Workshop setting:
Improvisation/Acting exercises
Journey to empowerment
and delivered as a short film

£750 pp (one person)
£250 pp (groups)

Arrange your own intimate group and slip the cost between you.

 Acting isn’t about movies or theatre. Acting is life, is performing, is being real and authentic.

Become the actor in your own life.

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