5 Months Package + FYP Course


5 Months Package + FYP Course


During this 5 months period we build a relationship of healing and self understanding. You gain insight into awareness, you develop your intuition and overcome challenges with empowerment.

How is this done:

  • Through healing sessions on a weekly basis (Skype and phone for flexibility).

  • Find Your Point Course.

  • Accountability.

This process of accountability and healing by releasing blockages in a weekly basis works in your long (and short) term goals intensively.

Healing with Life Alignment is for any area of life such as health, family patterns, work, career, relationships, etc.

Guidance with Intuitive Mentoring for you to connect with your spirit, gain awareness of what is here and ready to heal, what challenges are to overcome, find your answers, make decisions and work on solutions.

The sessions are through Skype or phone.

It includes Find Your Point Online Course.


  • More empowered version of you.

  • Deeper connection with your inner guidance.

  • Improved health, relationships, wealth.

    Your intention as a goal is the result of your inner work during this 5 months program.

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“Life Alignment identifies the energetic and emotional root cause of imbalance in your body, helps you release these blockages and then restore the natural flow of life energy so that deep healing can occur”.

From a Life Alignment perspective, the physical dimension is a mminuscule partof the totality of who we really are.  Within the atom there is less than 1% matter, the rest is anti-matter.  Within the known Universe is less than 4% matter and the rest is anti matter and dark matter.  This pattern of all of life, from the microcosm to macrocosm, is reflected in our multi-dimensional being.

The cause of all imbalance and dis-ease is found within the subtle fields which later manifests in the physical body.  Life Alignment works in this subtle realm which is far more receptive to change than the dense physical.  By changing the pattern at a subtle level (cause) it then reflects in the physical world.   The physical body merely responds to the changes that happen at the subtle levels.

This gentle process of identification and self-reflection uncovers negative thought patterns that sap our energy and delay the changes we desire, in order to release them and bring positive ones to achieve our goals and aspirations. It is only our higher self, that knows the stories we hold in our subconscious library. Release from fear and doubts opens the heart to presence and trust.

How does it work?

Accessing an inner intelligence, the higher self, with the use of applied kinesiology and dowsing indication. Working by priority, we don’t treat or diagnose, we balance and deal with any number of conditions, which a few of them are: Cellular Regeneration. Energy Hooks. Congestion. Frequency Activation. Orientation. Movement Alignment. Colour Alignment. Earth Alignment. Astrological Alignment. Manifestation. Merkaba Activation. Causal Body Alignment. Light Body Activation. DNA activation. Hormones. Blood Cell Activation. Immune System Activation. Etheric Body Activation. Advanced Chakra balancing. Archetypes. Ray Activation. Advanced Brain Integration. Allergies and Sensitivities Balance. Life purpose.

We firstly identify the story, circuitry, and the energy flow around the imbalance. Then balance the energy flow while releasing the trauma and the charge around the story. Old negative programs are replaced with positive ones that affect all aspects of life including the physical body.



Find your point when you need guidance.
Find the answers from a deeper connection with who you really are.
This can be done only by getting permission from your higher self, not just from your conscious mind. I am in charge to set up the safe environment where you can allow your fears or doubts come up without being in denial of your highest truth. A new wisdom and understanding will come to you.

Raquel offers consultations in person and via phone or Skype, this includes past lives, contact with spirit guides and ancestors, Akashic records and psychic awareness.

The session normally lasts for an hour. Prepare yourself beforehand by writing down your questions and having your own private space and time, it becomes more efficient.

Expect that some information might create a strong emotional response. This is not a challenge for you to overcome, it’s a solution flourishing up which needs to release a problem from the past.

There is nothing to be afraid of, even if you don’t understand why it happened or you feel alone, the new outcome is already waiting to connect with you.

Some people are sceptical in regard to the presence of spirit guides, any spirits or non-physical reality. This doesn’t mean that a consultation doesn’t work for you if this is your case, in fact, it works exactly the same. I focus on the message and what is important to you. It doesn’t matter what age you are, religious background or belief system you follow. Everyone has the power to overcome obstacles and create a desirable life.

Every session is done with a higher guidance that can’t be predicted before, every person and circumstances are totally unique.
Please allow an open mind to receive those messages, then you can decide what steps to follow in your life.

There are no dangerous or negative side effects.
We take the responsibility for our own creation and attraction.

Raquel’s sessions are empowering, with no space for what doesn’t serve you.
Expect your mindset and energy field to resonate with what you really deserve.